New telly, other stuff

I’ve bought a Sony KDL40V2000, but because of the crappy way I wrote the code for this sorta-CMS, I need to waffle on a bit before putting in the link as the auto-intro generation code will snip off the intro before the first piece of HTML in this entry (i.e. the link, and you’d get “I’ve bought a”…more).

So, a 40V2000 – which seems very nice indeed. Perhaps some tweaking still to be done on the various settings, but very nice all the same.

I also now have a phone line (yay!) but as yet, no ADSL. However, after an excruiciating wait on the support line I’ve finally got a confirmation from plusnet and should be up and running some time next week. AT LAST!

Finally, I appear to have pretty much unpacked all my stuff, so once the DSL line is active I’ll be officially all set in my new home. Now – to find a way to avoid a) talking to myself all the time, and b) liver disease šŸ˜‰