New home

Found one! A new home from 1 July for me, in Colliers Wood (a mile or so further SW than Tooting). And I won’t have any excuses for not completing any of the many, *many* projects I’ve proposed and promised myself I’d work on.

Other than Oblivion, obviously. Which, with my game time now standing at around 140 hours, and with my character held down to level 21 or thereabouts, threatens to become my life. It’s certainly affecting my dreams – last night I dreamt I was pushing through a dense woodland, and realised that it was Oblivion-influenced when the leaves clipped strangely as I pushed past them!

I wonder if it will be possible to release expansions for the Xbox360 version, akin to the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions for Morrowind…? I hope so…

Then again, they may just continue expanding with DLC (PC versions listed, but they’re all available for 360 too).