Thurs 2 Sep 2004

Had a truly relaxing day lying out by the swimming pool. And Keith phoned. Early evening I ventured down to Anne’s. Spent over 2 hours having an Indian head massage and a pedicure. Bliss. Went over the road to Rincol Beach Resort for dinner. The story goes (and gossip is certainly a talent these folks have) that the 2x Rincol complexes were once one, run by 2 brothers who had a dispute and built a wall across the middle. So would the fish at Rincol Beach Resort be of the same excellent standard as that of Rincol Royale? The restaurant setting was even prettier (took photos). Sampled the local Old Monk rum (sweet but delicious poured into a banana milkshake) and the Portuguese fish dish which was divine: really meaty fillets of fish in a spicy gravy sauce with onions, potatoes, green peppers, etc.