Monday 30 August – Cavala Resort

I wonder if there’s anywhere in India where dogs don’t howl and bark incessantly all night. I decided to just get up at Dawn’s crack and was introduced to the day by the sound of yet another person wretching and throwing up. Decided not to go on the North Goa tour today but to escape Panjim for the northerly beach resort of Calungute/Baga. I’d already paid 100 Rs for the tour, but the difference in cost of accommodation would more than cover that: Panjim Inn @ circa 800 Rs per night, whereas Cavala seaside resort @ 300 Rs per night. In my haste I left behind 2 x bottles of ‘superior’ dark rum (I’ll never know now but suspect it wasn’t) and took a taxi the 30 minute journey up the coast. The driver was particularly helpful – I didn’t have a clue where I was going – so gave him a fat tip and said Dev borem korum and he seemed happy enough.

The Cavala Resort is fairly luxurious and excellent value. My room is huge and has a great view over the countryside. I fell asleep early afternoon and spent the most part of the day either snoozing or reading indoors (I was a bit burnt from yesterdays tour).
Went out for a walk late afternoon once the sun started to cool off, down to Calungute itself… The resort is just starting to be prepared ready for the tourist season which really starts in October so not much open yet. Returned to Cavala to eat – really friendly staff. Fish croquettes with a Goan sauce, Goan roast chicken in a spicy gravy sauce, coconut pancakes dessert.