We’re all going to die!

It seems the new chairman of Shell in worried that we’re going to go the way of the dinosaurs. As stated in this BBC news article, in an interview with The Grauniad Ron Oxburgh talked about his “fears for the planet”. Doubtless he’ll be selectively quoted as saying “…I see very little hope for the world” – carefully missing out the “…if we don’t have [carbon] sequestration…” that immediately preceded those words.

What may be a fair point is raised however – that the biggest threat to all of us is not terrorism, but is infact unchecked climate change. So perhaps we should be considering re-allocating the squillions® of pounds/dollars/euros/teeth currently being thrown at ID cards, uber-databases and frightening the pants off everybody to something which might save lots of lives…

Squillion: a stupidly big number. See also gadzillion, or a copy of Hot Property