About 10 days ago, Lou’s monitor developed a fault – I think one of the electron guns bit the dust. So her screen went a funny colour and wouldn’t display red. Bummer.

This past Sunday, I was panickedly preparing for an offsite meeting. The nightmare began. First I got a call from the person who had all the technical equipment for the meeting. She’d been burgled, and (amongst other, personal stuff) they’d taken one of the laptops. Fesk.

After a quick trip over to make sure we still had sufficient equipment for the meeting, I carried on with my preparations. Only to discover that my shiny new Dell D800 had gone nuts, wouldn’t export MPEGs from Premiere, and periodically bluescreened when you opened the display properties window.

I went to use my personal desktop PC to render the video instead. The monitor went “Fzzzzzt” and died. Terminal. Blast.

I frantically unplugged cables and moved things so I could plug in the red-impaired, but otherwise working monitor from Lou’s PC. A huge BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT and a puff of smoke. Lou’s monitor dies, spectacularly.

Oh dear, I said.

Well. I managed to persuade the laptop to export MPEGs, after reinstalling the MPEG export plugin a couple of times. I borrowed Lou’s iPod, so I could play the tracks I’d downloaded for the meeting from it. All was fine.

Except now I’m short two (2) monitors, can’t use my home PC and as we’re trying to buy a house, I don’t really have a few hundred quid to replace the screens.

Which, frankly, sucks.