More on 02 & CPW

More on the Carphone Warehouse and the lovely o2…having given up trying to find an o2 contact number, and no longer having the patience to hunt through the Carphone Warehouse site, I phoned their sales line…

Me: Can I have the number for customer services please
Sales: I don’t have that. I can transfer you
Me: What? You don’t have…oh, ok then.


Person on customer service line: “Your number, name and address please”
Me: [address]
CS: No, that’s not the address we have for you.
Me: You send bills to it
CS: We’re not the billing department.
Me: Ah. Of course. That makes sense. Maybe you have [this old address]
CS: You’re speaking to [name], how can I help.
Me: I’m trying to call India , and I can’t
CS: Ah. You need to speak to customer services
Me: Errrr? Who are you then?
CS: Customer care
Me: Eh? And the difference is…?
CC: We just deal with general enquiries
Me: [boggling at “general enquiries”: wtf do you do all day?] Ooooooh-kay. Can you transfer me?


Real CC: O2 customer services.
Me: I’m trying to call India and I can’t – the call won’t go through.
O2CS: [name, number & address please]
Me: [blah, again]
O2CS: Ah. You can’t make international calls from the UK
Me: What? Why not?
O2CS: Err…its the way the account is set up
Me: Well, change that then please.
O2CS: Let me just check

[insert crap hold music here]

O2CS: Ok. You need to wait about 1.5 hours…so at 11am , switch your phone off then switch it back on again and it should work
Me: Oh. Great. Bye. [hangup] Brill. Good job its not an emergency…