Exploding christmas pud causes acrimonious divorce

I went to the dr’s surgery the other day to get jabs for India (K’s folks will be pleased!…). Whilst sitting in the waiting room with another man and woman, I overheard this conversation. Well, it amused me anyway:

Bloke: Ethel had a christmas pudding from the supermarket one year – it said you could heat it up in one of those… microwaves?
Very sick-looking woman: Yeah that’s right
Bloke: Well, it said to heat it up for 3 minutes. She thought three minutes? It’ll never be hot in 3 minutes – it must mean 30. So she heated it for 30 minutes and it exploded everywhere! They got divorced after that.
Very sick-looking woman: What – they got divorced ’cause she exploded the christmas pudding?
Bloke: No, I think there were a few other things as well.