A fairly quiet weekend. My current gaming addiction to Microsoft’s MechWarrior franchise continues apace – I’ve now played my way through the singleplayer campaigns of the 4-series games – Vengance, Black Knight and Mercenaries. The main reason (apart from the fact its bloody good fun) is to remind me of the different mechs before I take it online (must drop in a link to Team Banzai here – good stuff). Yes, I know I’m a sad case, but I quite frankly don’t care!

It could perhaps be a concern that I managed to break my joystick late last week, which necessitated the borrowing of a soldering iron from someone at work to fix. Maybe? Handily, I was also able to use the iron to fix an Intellimouse Optical which I’d broken, oh, ages ago which was sitting in bits in one the many boxes lurking under the bed.

Anyway the Flugtag title refers to the 1st UK Red Bull Flugtag – which took place on the Serpentine in Hyde Park on Sunday. We got there just in time for the start, but didn’t stay long. For whatever reason, the organisers had cleverly arranged the medical stations, toilets and fencing to corral everyone entering from the recommended gates into one tiny area with no signs. This meant 30 minutes of shuffling around, pressed tightly on all sides by other equally frustrated people trying to find either a viewpoint or an exit. Eventually we worked our way to the edge and set off toward Marble Arch. We could then see one of the screens they’d erected – which had been cleverly placed under a tree which blocked the view from one side of the park. Genius. We gave up at this point and went for a Kozel.

It looked like the Flugtag could have been fun – but if you’re planning to go next year the smart bet would be to arrive early. Also, bring a great big cool chest full of beers, and (if the weather is the same as this year) lots of water and sunblock. Then it’d be great.