‘Planes, trains and flying automobiles

Early morning involved playing with new toys from Hamleys (for H at least) before venturing to the Science Museum in Kensington, where many an old ‘plane and automobile is housed.

Hannah was most taken with the basement floor – the children’s area with current interactive galleries such as the Garden and the Launch Pad. Wandered around other galleries: Digitopolis, Who am I?, Flight Lab, etc.

interacting at the science museum

Were back in Soho shortly after 5pm – Hannah’s tea-time. The restaurant we were intending to go to hadn’t yet opened so a quick alternative plan was made: the Stockpot on Old Compton Street. The Stockpot serves a wide selection of food, all of which has a feel of mum’s home-made cooking to it, at extremely reasonable prices, and served very promptly. I was apprehensive at trying a bottle of table wine @ only £7, but wasn’t disappointed in the least! The menu also caters well for children, with dessert items such as jelly and single cream. A meal for 3 and a half (including alcohol and desserts) came to circa £28… bargain! Will definitely be going there again.

dancing to the Angel Horns - live jazz- at Golden Square

We had some time to kill before going on to the Palladium Theatre to see
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang so detoured via Golden Square. We stumbled across Angel Horns, a jazz band of 5 saxaphonists, playing a free concert as part of the Jazz On The Streets – Midsummer Festival. Here, Hannah found a dancing pal in toddler Marie, and the two of them along with the band kept the rest of us most entertained.

Gayle & Hannah at the London Palladium Chitty the musical at the London Palladium

On to the Palladium theatre for the musical (for H’s benefit of course). It’s true – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is magic and really can fly… See?