Fun packed, sun packed, my Sun-Pat

But less of the peanut butter adverts and more of my niece Hannah.

Gayle & Hannah in Green Park Hannah outside Buckingham Palace

Had a brilliant day today, starting at Green Park and Buckingham Palace early doors. Unfortunately, the changing of the guard was cancelled due to some garden party function, but a procession of mounted guards passed by anyway, to Hannah’s delight.

Hannah by St James' Park Lake feeding time at the park!

Saw a wide range of water fowl at St James’ Park, including swans, mandarin ducks, moorhens, geese and pelicans and enjoyed a picnic in the summer sun. Wandering along the lake towards Duck Island with the statuesque pelicans, we fed some of the ducks and ducklings and admired Duck Island House (below left) which has the appearance of being transported directly from a fairy tale.

 Feeding the waterfowl near Duck Island House Pelicans on Duck Island

Strolling across the Horse Guards Parade Ground to Whitehall, Hannah was amazed by the costumes of the sentry and mounted guards. There were masses of tourists on Whitehall, all trying to get their photos taken as close to the horses as possible: some pulling on the reins and patting them, and generally over-exciting the poor whinnying horses! It was then that the skies opened, albeit briefly.

Duck! duck! duck!