Mobile phones and…

…the importance of careful proofreading. Got a call this morning from the helpful chaps at the Carphone Warehouse, the people who provided my current phone. Apparently I’ve had it (supposedly – its been insurance replaced 3 times cos I’m a dozy clot) for over 12 months and am therefore eligible for an upgrade. Cool.

The helpful bloke gave me a short list of phones to choose from which…now that I look at it arent _that_ great. Best of the bunch is either the Nokia 8310, which is a nice phone, but getting a bit long in the tooth, or last year’s “sensation” the SonyEricsson T68i. You know, the colour one with the camera attachment. Yeah, the blue/white one.

As they’re all a bit aged, I thought I’d look on the Carphone Warehouse website to see if there might be something else I could ask for – and I think I might see if I can get a SonyEricsson T310 for free (or a token amount).

Blah blah – so what’s with the proofreading bit in the title? Well, I was nosing about CW’s site and decided to look in the clearance corner section. If you look just past halfway down, you’ll see the Nokia “snake joystick”. What a bargain! Just in case they spotted it anytime soon, I took a quick screenshot – so if you don’t get what I’m on about, this is what I saw:

Snake joystick: reduced from £3.99£4.99???