He-he-helium balloons

Last night we bid farewell to Karen, in an entertaining drinks & nibbles do in the largest meeting room. I’d been asked to prepare a “This is your life”-type video tribute to her, and so had asked around and managed to procure a few photographs, persuaded her with my mendacious charm to let me take a few photographs, and sneakily shot a tiny bit of video as well. This worked very well – in no more than 10 seconds of video we got a gem! With the goodbye speech given in suitable style, I think everyone enjoyed it – even Karen.

The balloons came later. They’d been distributed around the room as decorations, but further into the evening, as the empty bottle stacked up, various staff members took their turn at helium babbling. (Un)fortunately, I still had a camera handy and recorded many of them in their finest…er….minutes. A quick edit this morning and we have embarrassment fit for a king. I’d love to make it available here, but…well it wouldn’t be fair, it probably wouldn’t be funny if you didn’t know them, and to quite honest that’s enough reasons!