PALM BEACH: Next morning…

hurts a little.

Food Review – days 1 & 2
Day 1
Evening meal was in the Flagler Steakhouse, part of the hotel and about 5 minutes drive from the office area (this tells you a lot about the size of the place!). Food was excellent – I took the opportunity to indulge my tune fetish and ordered rare seared tuna in sesame with wasabi and soy as a starter, followed by Steak au Poivre. All was excellent, although nothing was quite as impressive to look at as Marc’s porterhouse, which more or less overhung the plate on all sides. Another standout was the option to have a baked sweet potato, or any of a number of vegetable sides.

Day 2
Lunchtime saw us taking the air at one of the beachside bar/restaurants. A (here we go again) rare tuna nicoise salad was absolutely excellent – very impressive – and the crab burger looked fantastic as well. There are worse ways to earn a living I suppose…

In the evening Jane & the gang were at an official meal, so I dined with Rich, Marc and Janeen at an “asian” restaurant called Echo. Another amazing meal – we ordered mixed sushi/sashimi/rolls to share as a starter, which arrived in a gigantic wooden sailboat and tasted divine. Cashew nut hunan chicken as a main course was also delicious.

The evening ended in in the bar [nuff said].