Weekend nightmare!! Had to rank as one of the worst for a while. It probably WOULD have ranked as the worst without Tim & El’s hospitality and general ace-ness. A couple of highlights:

1: ‘Orrible little gits who live near Tim & El’s house chucking a brick through the porch window. Most likely in revenge for El shouting at them earlier that day when they had been (surprise surprise) chucking bricks through the window of some greenhouses.

2: Preparing for some late-night working on Sunday when I receive a call from my folks, to say that a cousin is off to hospital with a suspected case of S.A.R.S. Thankfully, I found out an hour or so later that it turned out to be a standard case of ‘flu, but, having recently returned from Hong Kong, my cousin was in the ‘high-risk’ category.

I’m saving the worst of the weekend for another post (or posts), once the situation is resolved.