ho ho ho!

No, Santa isn’t spilling his sack early – this week is proving to be a veritable feast of belly laughs! King Gong at the Comedy Store last Monday night provided the monthly opportunity to both chortle and hail abuse at up-and-coming comedians, as well as being an excuse for yet another leaving do for Mr Neefahs (who’s traded in the UK’s nubilous winter skies for the more fragrant climes of Bangkok!?)

Taking place on the last Monday of every month, King Gong is guaranteed to be a seriously funny, if not brutal, night out: the comedian’s performance is dependant on winning over the crowd, and is left to the audience’s mercy. However, someone had the bright idea of grabbing eight seats together on the front row and managed to be the only one of us not to get picked on – wasn’t impressed! I don’t look like I’ve been out in the wind. And Keith doesn’t look like the Bastard Son of Darius. And we do have proper jobs. Really.

Learning from this mistake, far-target seats were sought out at the Chuckle Club on the Saturday night, 30th November, although there was a lack of audience interaction, disappointingly. After all, everyone loves a stand-up to pick on some poor unfortunate, just as long as it is on someone else. Comics such as Ronnie Golden performed well rehearsed, short routines to perfection, but without any apparent spontaneity. Until the dynamic Andy Parsons headlined, that is. With his unique energetic style, Parsons’ incessant babble won the punters back, pulling us out of our pint pots and reminding us what we were really there for: the exposing of the vulnerable front row? Thanks to Andy Parsons and his lengthy headliner, this evening at the Chuckle Club became another excellent and great value night out.

Am now looking forward to ART this Friday at Whitehall Theatre, starring the League of Gentlemen cast – front row seats too – Can’t wait!!…