Coming soon (part 400)…

Ok, there’s a bunch of new stuff in the pipeline at the moment, so I thought I would lay it out – as much as a reminder to me/Lou as to what we need to do!

  • Add the Leeds photographs from our recent visit for Zoie’s birthday. We were (as I may have mentioned) impressed with the changes in the city, even since I lived there 3 or 4 years ago. Needless to say, Lou was pretty amazed, as she’d last really looked around Leeds closer to 10 or 15 years ago. When its ready, you’ll find photos and other info over here.
  • Moving the Tallinn and Prague photos from their current URIs to the soon-to-exist travel section. I’ll also have to check the past entries in here, to update any links. Moving everything to a separate travel section will make more sense, collect related items and hopefully encourage me to come up with a visual ID for, well, any part of the site really.
  • Finish the Tallinn photos, i.e. move the Stockholm pics into their own section, and split the opening page of each so only 10 thumbnails are loaded per page. This isn’t hard, I’m just lazy.
  • Redesign: I really have to stop fiddling about and come up with a new layout and id. Lou & I have played with some ideas, but not really put a major effort into it. Lou has been working on a new logo which we might implement shortly – its an adaptable sort of idea which we can theme for the different sections. Nice work, Lou.
  • Lou also reminded me of the greetings cards I started work on ages ago. I think I actually wrote most of the code required to send cards to people, and prepared a little db to hold card until whenever…Bluemountain it probably won’t be, but it might include some less cutesy stuff. I’ll more than likely finish this at the weekend, cos it’ll be a)easy, and b)an excuse not to do the hard work, namely the redesign.
  • Last but not least is the eating & drinking section. Last time we talked about it, Lou had compiled the list of places we’d visited, and pulled together all the address and contact information, URIs where available, and started categorising them by type. So, we need to start the review process, which is going to take a while – we have to write the reviews, find/take some photographs and I still have to build that section of the site (the design is, naturally, also not finished…).

Other news: we’ve booked a couple of holidays for the run-up to Christmas. We’ll be visiting Rome for 4 days in October, for a quick look round some of the many attractions, but (hopefully) mostly to relax, drink in the cafes and lounge about on Vespas saying ‘Ciao’ in terrible accents. Then in December we’re off to Paris for a spot of Christmas shopping and some comparitive luxury. Thanks to Lou, we’ve managed a fair deal on Eurostar, and found a pretty nice looking hotel…

J’espere parler en Fran_ais, mais je ne m'[expect] pas…oh crap.