Okey-cokey, pig-in-a-pokey

This isn’t Pauline, your restart officer, but it is a most entertained and satisfied punter. Went up to Leeds last weekend by coach (keeping it cheap having been up recently for the August bank holiday) and it wasn’t National Express’ fault the motorway was closed! Extra time spent winding country lanes or stuck in traffic jams meant extra chortling time listening to the Radio 4 CD of On The Town with the League of Gentlemen – so good, it was almost disappointing to reach our destination. Almost.

Leeds is a fantastic city with brilliant restaurants, bars and clubs. The regeneration and investment of the last 10 years make it unrecognisable to the grey (but great) city I worked in 15 years ago. Stayed at the convenient Manor Hotel in Headingley, where we were met with open northern hospitality … with a French accent, but still, and even had a spin on the rotating dance floor in that cheesiest of establishments – no, that’s enough now.

“Can somebody get me down please?”