All growed up

I think I’m getting old. This weekend went to Homebase & Wickes to buy home improvement products in preparation for DIY table building. I am now officially a sad bastard. Still haven’t done anything about the Estonia pictures, but there’s hope for this evening. It was to be the DIY extravaganza evening, but unfortunately I’ve been unable to blag any power tools from work, so that puts the kibosh on that.

Have also just ordered yet more upgrades & stuff – a fool and his money soon parted. Bits include another 256Mb DDR, a new CDburner (40x!!) and s bunch of blank CDs, all from the nice folks at Komplett. I’ve ordered twice from them now – not without some minor problems, but their customer support is top notch.

Came into possession of a £10 voucher (buying a travelcard) so used it to purchase Apocalyse Now Redux on DVD. Should be a ‘laff’.