Trials and tribulations

Hmmm…I’ve now got PHP installed and working nicely – just the thing for those open-source development projects – or if not open source, very very cheap! New to ERC Caption Competition, a load of pictures from a recent works which I quickly whipped up a captioning system for…

Coming soon: theanorak’s greeting card system is in progress, and we’ve got approx 10 card covers already – pretty good going as I’ve not actually sat down and done anything deliberately yet. Just added a new one today, which marks the start of a new series, in addition to the Office Dilemma series: a section I think we might call ‘Life’s little ironies’ but I haven’t decided yet.

Anyhow, there’s lots going on. I’ve also just installed Infinite Interchange on the working account of my 2k box – its a combined smtp/pop server/gateway, with integrated webmail, newsgroups and other stuff: perfect for what I’ll need. It has put me in mind of finding myself an ADSL connection and knocking together a quick server box to run it on – it’d be nice to finally sort my own mail out, plus it would mean Ben/Jeff etc would be able to get proper accounts, instead of the forwarding accounts they have at the moment. Even if they didn’t want actual POP accounts, its very easy to set up a forwarding account, aliases and server rules to send their mail on…I know, I tried!