Comment spam

Weird. I’m getting comment spam.

What’s weird about it is

a) this site doesn’t use WordPress, Blogger, or any of the usual weblog systems – it’s a super-amateurish POS I part stole, part wrote when first learning ASP then hacked bits onto

b) There’s only been about 20 posts in the last year or so…and visitor figures kind of match 🙁

c) The comment spam isn’t proper comment spam, but instead looks like it’s supposed to exploit a formmail-type vulnerability…which is odd, as I’ve never coded any “send me an email” stuff for the site, even though at one time I thought about it.

It also exposes the fact that the comment tracking isn’t very dynamic, and comment counts are updated manually when comments are submitted *blush*.




  1. Actually, I think it’s some kind of bot that attempts to send spam through “contact us” forms…except this form isn’t a contact form, it just looks like one. Hmmm. Might have to add some kind of human-factor authentication for future revisions

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