Not New York, New York

Well, I’ve decided to cancel it – my trip to New York. You probably didn’t know I was planning it, but there you go. I’m going to a conference in Palm Beach in May, and had planned to spend a week in New York following it – taking advantage of the flights and so on…but we’re moving house, and its just not going to work; too much to spend in a short space of time. Plus, I want to go boarding again later this year, so not blowing all my cash on a random holiday in the US is probably a good idea.

Still a bit gutted tho – was looking forward to constructing some kind of photoart piece using images shot over there. Still – its not like London’s without merit – I’ll just have to get off my arse and take a walk.



  1. Yeah – get off your arse and take a walk, boyfriend!!
    ….hmmm, doesn’t have the same Oprah connotations as ‘girlfriend’

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