Bloody VB programming

…and other curses. I’m fighting with a db-aware VB program which is doing my head in. I wish I could remember the db-cnxn syntax for VB as clearly as I can for ASP.

Anyway. Upgrades at home are proceding apace – so with a bit of luck I might be able to start working on the site in the sty. With a bit of luck I’ll be able to really crack on and get some work done…you never know!

Meantimes…although you can’t see it, my local version of the backend has been upgraded again – it now features usernames etc, and the db/code has facilities for bios, userlevels, pictures and further infotype stuff. K

Work patterns!

Hmmm…didn’t achieve QUITE as much over the last couple of days as I thought I might. Still…more good news regarding contributors to the site – Ben’s had some ideas for content.

Fixed! And the start of the upgrade…

Well, its a bit more than a couple of weeks: but I do have an excuse. Would you like them in order?

1) This didn’t work! When it was uploaded, with the first article intact, the scripts that display this page wouldn’t work – they mysteriously did NOTHING! I tried for a while to work it out, but I was tired, heh…and I was too crap and couldn’t be arsed. However, I recently got my hands on a copy of Windows2000 and was able to debug the script on IIS, and discovered that the VBscript syntax I used on my PWS test system didn’t work on IIS. Bugger.

2) I got distracted. So sue me.

Anyway…the good news is that I’ve started the promised upgrades…although you won’t be able to tell yet, the authentication mechanism is now multiuser, and the database ready for the next set of information, about the new contributors. So – the agenda is as follows:

1) Finish the CMS and add additional content tables for the different sections: we’re looking to cover a range of topics, so I’m not exactly sure how to split it – it may be on a New/Classic/Archive basis…but I plan on keeping a section aside for random scribblings.

2) Once a working back-end is available, I’ll then set down to the front end design – but I’ll try to make as many of the features enabled in the ‘undesigned’ version, so contributors can start submitting their work…

3) The next step will be the public BBS/Comment system – to allow visitors to post comments on the stories – and to simultanously start working with Jeff/others to produce visual content.

should be enough to be getting on with…K

First entry…

Will be short, as a computer crash has already robbed me of one entry…how irritating. A quick plan of action, and a link, and goodbye for now.

Next on the agenda is to rewrite the scripts to allow multiple users to post, identify each users messages, restrict them to editing their own messages only and set up access levels to allow an administrator account with full access. Phew. That should come in the next week or so, depending on time etc.

Why? Cos I’m too lazy to try and think of something interesting EVERY day of the week…much easier to get others to help…

Edited – Dancing Annice is no longer available…except by special request

No, not the crap phone shop. An internal link, to an experimental page – Dancing Annice. This is my test run of video in flash, without the use of plugins etc…I haven’t set up the streaming properly, but it is possible and fairly straightforward as far as I can tell. Its also somewhere for Annice’s mates to laugh at her…perhaps I should put a forum on it for her…heh. Anyway, I don’t know, but you might need a pretty hefty pc to run it. You could definitely do with a decent connection – the 2 files run to 700k and 1.something Mb…

Enjoy! K