Top of the Rock, NYC

It seems a shame to rub it in (as there are now no flights in or out of the UK due to volcanic ash clouds straying from Iceland) but this time last week we were in a very sunny NYC.

On arrival on Thursday 8th April, we dumped our luggage at the Edison hotel, Times Square and wandered over to the Rockefeller Center. Taking an early flight from Heathrow meant we were admiring the NYC view from Top of the Rock by 2pm (local time)!


Firenze frolics

Thanks to Assassin’s Creed 2 (set in Florence) we’ve just enjoyed a few days break in Pisa and Florence.

Now I’ve discovered that K will travel to the places on my hit-list, provided he can play a video game set there first, I’m on the look-out for new games set in Japan, Vietnam, South Africa, Russia…

Highlights of our Florence trip include:

Taking a bite of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Palazzo Vecchio (Florence’s government palace – once home of the Medicis)

View from the cupola (dome) of Firenze Duomo (cathedral)

~ Lou’s Florence photo-set
~ K’s photo-set
~ Mayday cafe-bar, Florence – LardButty award

Distracted by bubbles

The bookshelves can wait. My long-serving home PC keeps failing and its end is near. Clearing / backing-up files and content on my hard drive ‘bookshelves’ is the priority.

And so time-consuming too, when you’re reminded of stuff like this:

I pop bubble wrap at 2.07 bubbles per second!

I popped 196 bubbles in 1 minute and 34.7 seconds
Can you beat my score?

Distracted by books

Hmmm… that wasn’t very successful. Or was it? Trying to make some space on my overloaded bookshelves, I started out by trying to select a few oldies I could get rid of but discovered some recipe booklets I’ve never used.

A trip to Asda, a pile of sesame prawn toast and a mound of lentil + cashew curry later, my bookshelves are still overloaded. So too’s the kitchen, with ingredients for a pumpkin curry this hallowe’en. Roll on the weekend…