More USA videos

Short video clips of Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam + Las Vegas

Death Valley, May 16 2009
Taking a ride with my best friend (Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again)

Dante’s View – listen to the wind!

Grand Canyon, May 19 2009

Bright Angel trail

Rare California condor

Sunset from Kachina Lodge

Hoover Dam, May 20, 2009

Las Vegas, May 21, 2009 – view from the Stratosphere

Fremont Experience

Read more about the Fremont Experience (right-click on link + ‘open in new window’ or new tab)

Quick post from L.A.

More of a personal jotter really, but this wasn’t exactly high up in my search results.

Having problems editing some video in Premiere Pro CS3 — whenever I tried to preview, I got an error message which read “Premiere Pro has encountered an error” then gave a path to a file called MonitorMixer.cpp-153. Googling lead me to what seemed an unlikely solution for the same error in MonitorMixer.cpp-147 (presumably pre-patch) which is to clear in and out points on the timeline (Marker > Clear Sequence Marker > [whatever is available]). This solved the problem straight away.

I found the solution here: