Mythbox sidegrade

My mythbox has been down for a while, as the motherboard is finally dying and emits a piercing shriek at all times when the power is connected. Not fun. Given that I’m loathe to dispose of anything before it’s completely trashed, and also a bit skint, I don’t want to buy completely new hardware.

Handily, Mike at work has an old socket A board (an Asus A7M266) which I’m hopeful should do the job. It’s not quite as all-singing, all-dancing as my Dragon+ is, or was anyway, but if I drop the DVD drive and add pci networking and (please, no) sound, it should still manage the four HDs and the three tuners. I hope. Pretty please.

Not that it was difficult to find or anything, but I’m going to save a URL here, a link to how to move LVM storage to a new machine. I used LVM for my video storage disks so I could have one contiguous storage area which could be expanded as necessary. I’ve got 500Gb split across three disks (reusing old hardware) which is plenty for general TV recording.

One last hope – I’m going to clone the OS partitions to another disk, and then try installing the existing system disk into the newly rebuilt box. It’ll probably die horribly, but if I can get away without redoing all the tweaks I didn’t bother documenting when setting up the box the first place, but which I know took me months to get around to. Still, I suppose it’ll be good practice for setting up Lou’s box…


Illustrator sliding column chart with values

Argh. I’ve just spent AGES trying to figure this one out, searching the web, and have finally sorted the one TINY little think that was causing everything not to work. Forgive the keyword spam at the end of the entry – but hopefully Google et al will pick them up and others might not have such a nightmare.

To create a sliding column chart in Illustrator with values:
1. Create your design. No values yet
2. Draw a line with the pen tool through the point you want to slide
3. Select the line, and choose View > Guides > Make guide
4. Make sure that View > Guides > Lock guides isn’t checked.
5. Draw a bounding rectange for your design. Anything within this area will count as part of the column. Imagine a boring column from a bar graph. Anything within the bounding rectange will be included within the area of the column. Anything outside the bounding rectangle DOESN’T count, and will stick out.
6. Send the bounding rectange to the back (ctrl-alt-[ on PC). Also make sure that it has no fill or stroke.
7. With the text tool, click once and enter %00 as the text. Format to suit. Use styles. The “%” tells illustrator to insert the value. The first 0 can be any number from 0-9, and indicates number of digits before the decimal point. 0 = as many as necessary. The second 0 is the number of digits *after* the decimal point. 0 = 0, in this case.
8. Select the lot, and go to Object > Graph > Design… and make a new design.

To apply it, select the columns within the graph you want to apply a design to, and go to Object > Graph > Column. Make sure, in this instance, you select “sliding” as the type.

Phew. I’d forgotten about sending the bounding rectangle to the back, so no matter what I did, the value was being included as part of the design, and counting as part of the “column”.

Keyword attack: Illustrator chart values, Illustrator sliding column values, Illustrator sliding chart values, Illustrator sliding graph values.

Cooling the tube: conclusion

In a previous entry, I posted:

Tsk. Anyone see the recent “tube to be cooled by ice” announcements? Prior art, methinks.

I’ve now received a reply…

Dear Mr Fryer

Thank you for your feedback form. The ‘Cooling the Tube’ competition was a scheme run by the Mayor’s office and your application for the prize should be submitted there. Please bear in mind that the closing date for this competition was 12 September 2003 and that there was no eventual winner.

You can contact the Mayor’s office on the details below.

*incredibly long address deleted*

However I would like to point out that the design you proposed on your blog is extremely impractical and would be unworkable in reality.

Please contact me again if you need any further help.

Yours sincerely

*name deleted to protect the legally-bound-to-be-humourless*

Ah well. Worth a go 😉

tee hee!

Or should that be tii hii! Here’s mii and Kei playing on the wiiiiiii….

Here’s mii 009_mii wii
and here’s Kei Wii 008_keith wii_2jun07