So I caved and bought a Flickr Pro account. Basically because I can’t be bothered to go through the hassle of processing the backlog, and because it’s always nice to have offsite backups.

Images will be gradually uploaded, labelled, tagged, geotagged, etc. etc. You’ll find them all somewhere in here eventually.

Six years

That’s how long I’ve been fiddling with this blog. Blimey. Which means this crufty old backend code is six years old. *How* in need of a rewrite?

Hell, the design’s from 2002…

Blast!/Spring clean

Dammit. Having made all my wonderful fixes and upgrades to the mythbox, the “new” fan proves itself not up to the job. So now I have a desk fan pointing into the open case on my floor whenever I need to use it. Not very good, is it?

Also, whilst adding a new table to the database, I cleaned up the comments table (and some other bits and pieces), but forgot to reset the comment counts (they’re stored with each entry rather than generated to reduce the number of queries each page makes). Blast again!

Mythtv upgrades

It’s about the only thing I *have* done during this week of supposedly doing things and playing games…I’ve got such a stupid cough I can’t even play games!

But – some parts arrived today so new to the mythbox:

  • Replaced whining fan with even older, but working fan.

  • Added third tuner card (another Hauppauge Nova-T DVB card). Interestingly, whilst the same model in theory, the new card doesn’t have the aerial passthrough output (which was crappy anyway) and, according to dmesg, has a different version of the tuner. In any event, it was autodetected and setup without intervention, so all I had to do was tell mythtv about it and that was that.

    Interestingly, adding a fourth tuner won’t be easy – whilst I have a spare PCI slot still, I’d need to find a 6- or 8-way aerial booster/splitter!

  • Finally figured out what the problem with MythWeb was (permissions, it seems) and got that sort-of working – by which I mean the scheduling and browsing part works fine, but the streaming video part doesn’t work at all.

  • Fixed the intermittently-working remote problem. For whatever reason, after reboots the box sometimes reallocates the “eventX” devices amongst the various inputs, which can bugger up the IR input. Not any more, thanks to Garry Parker (again).

  • Bought, but not yet installed, another 250Gb drive. I need to figure out where to put the drive within the case. The problem is that if I use either of the drive bays above the power supply, the PSU fans go nuts with the extra heat and sound like a jet engine…perhaps I’ll try replacing it with the old Enermax PSU from my old tower. Good job I used LVM…

Mythtv: no EIT data (program table crashed)

An attempt to save somebody, somewhere, some time if they run into the same problem as me.

SYMPTOMS: No guide data at all, for no good reason. System status says “no guide data – is mythfilldatabase running?”. If you stop the backend then run mythbackend from a terminal (I did it with options “-v eit” thinking I had a different problem but I suspect that was irrelevant) there’s a message in the output saying mythconverg/program has crashed/is in a crashed state.

FIXING IT: is easy-peasy, thanks to Drew at and with clarification from JimJ.

In short, and purely to provide a backup as Drew’s site seems to be the only hit for the obvious google (copying Drew, the relevant part of the error is “Table ‘./mythconverg/program’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired” – pro bono google-o):

  1. stop the backend (“/etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop” on my Xubuntu-based box)
  2. type “mysql -p” (you may need your database password here if you set one)
  3. type “use mythconverg”
  4. type “repair table program;” and remember the semicolon after program. Wait until this completes
  5. type quit to return to the shell, then restart the backend and frontend. Cross your fingers!
On my system at least, that was it. All back to normal…