Autostart Xubuntu Edgy for Mythtv

Just upgraded the Mythbox to Xubuntu 6.10 (Edgy). To make it autologin and start X automatically, see the instructions in this PDF file, created by amalgamating two posts from this thread on ubuntuforums.


Decided to upgrade the mythbox – thinking the various bits that don’t work might start working.



just got the gfx working after an hour, thanks to this post.

Bigger penis?

No, not weblog spam. Apparently, in 1,000 years time, the human race will have evolved. We’re all going to be between 6ft and 7ft, good looking, healthy and clever. Men will be broad shouldered, square jawed, deep voices and bigger penises. Women, will be smooth-skinned, glossy-haired, beautiful, with pert breasts and big eyes.

Who says? An evolutionary biologist, that’s who…in a study paid for by “men’s” (aka soft porn) channel Bravo. So basically, we’re all going to be porn stars.


It’s all about context

Contextual ads (like those irritating inline ads which pop up when you hover over double-underlined words on any number of sites) and in this case Google text ads, can be interesting. Those irritating underline ads, usually because of the total lack of relevance to the word underlined, or anything else on the page for that matter.

Google ads are usually…ok. But these ads on the front page of The Register did make me laugh…

Google scam?

Top tip for blogs

…particularly if your blog is running wordpress, or blogger, or typepad, or one of the off-the-shelf software or service blogs: don’t make people log in to add a comment*.

*Obviously, there’s a caveat. If you’re Kotaku, or Scoble, or some other massive blog, then you can do it, because people will. But for your personal blog? Unless you’re *waaaaay* popular, just don’t. Obviously, that means you can get comment spam – like I do. But I’m using a homebuilt hack, not a well-designed and maintained system. So I can’t install a Kaptcha module and have done with it.

So…this entry on Mat Stace’s blog isn’t getting a comment from me. Or rather, I’m going to comment here, where he’ll probably never find it, more’s the pity. My comment: If you’re having problems configuring a linux box, it’s always worth installing webmin (google it). For simple configs and amendments, webmin can turn 45 minutes of hunting for docs, hunting for config files, and figuring things out into a couple of clicks.