Segmentation fault

I hate those words. Installed 0.20 last night, and had to deal with many segfault errors. Managed to get most of them fixed, and the new packages have XvMC compiled in (yay), which seemingly works (double yay!).


The big draw for 0.20, for me at least, was MythArchive. Which segfaults. Boo, hiss. Still, DivX playback appears to work – the four AVIs I copied over seem to be ok (audio synchronisation issues on a couple, but that can be fixed I’m sure) and look about as good as could be expected, upscaled to 1360×768. And mythimage works, albeit in a slightly clunky way – mythimage is definitely not on par with WMC’s equivalent, which can do zooms and crawls across images. Given that mythimage is using openGL for transitions, I don’t suppose it would be *too* difficult to have each image do a random 5-10% zoom in/out/pan/rotate…but it’s not something I could write, unfortunately.

Out and about

So instead of spending all day hunched over a keyboard, yesterday a large number of people from work spent the day hunched over garden spades. Why? We had a “corporate community day”, which, translated, means we spent the day doing manual labour for a number of deserving and underfunded projects.

My group spent the day at an adventure playground for disabled kids by Embankment, cleaning, strimming, painting and tidying. It was a fun, if rather tiring day and when we left the site was looking considerably more appealing. I did the spiderman thing and climbed over the roof to clean the guttering, which was full of composted leaves. All good stuff, though I think I must have whacked my knee, as it was pretty weak when I was cycling home.

Things to do this weekend: Help Dione buy a TV; Photography; see if there are 0.20 packages for MythTV/Ubuntu floating around yet; make the damn remote control work for MythTV; abandon the idea of multiple operating systems for working/playing, and just install the various dev environments I have ISOs for, ready for some actual work! *gasp*

Tonight, though, I think its time to grab a glass or two of Maker’s and just…play.

Goggle (not a typo), Black tower

So, with the new graphics card in place and seemingly running well (although I haven’t really given it a thorough workout yet), this problem is no more. At least the desktop PC part isn’t.

I *also* think I might have more-or-less got the mythbox up and running. Some lingering problems with vga (the Sony tv doesn’t like 1360×768 at anything other than 60Hz, and that has some theoretical issues with PAL playback which the deinterlacing seems to be masking) mean I might yet swap things around and try the putting the 360 back on VGA and the mythbox on the component input, but that can wait.

A new version (0.20) of MythTV has just been released, so I’m considering building that from source. I’m sure there’ll be some Ubuntu debs floating around shortly, but no-one seems to compile packages with XvMC enabled, which I’d like to at least *try*. 0.20 also has a new plugin, MythArchive, which is supposed to simplify the process of exporting recorded content to DVD – which would be very handy…

So, a tentative *woo*. And a quiet, but definite, *yay*.

The tentative part is because, even with the hard drives reorganised, the mythbox power supply is stupidly noisy (for a media centre). Not sure how I’m going to fix this, but I am pretty sure it’s the power supply that’s the problem. I wonder if my old Enermax supply would fix/not freak out at the fan placement?

Hmm. Think I’ll have to check that PSU and see how much noise it makes on its own…

Fingers crossed

Remember that new PC I was building? Well, it didn’t work. It seemed like the video card was faulty, so I sent that back. Ebuyer apparently tested it, and found it faulty, so they’ve sent me a replacement. Tonight, I’ll see if it works…!

Also, some theiving little chavs nicked my laptop bag. Bastages. Luckily, it didn’t have my laptop in it at the time, so fuck you, chavs.

Also, the mythbox is sorta-kinda working. Aerial splitter has arrived so might get to test it properly tonight. It’s running Xubuntu 6.06 with Myth 0.19, but the packages I used don’t have support for XvMC compiled in, so I might remove Myth and try the old packages from, which aren’t maintained anymore.

Or, I might try a SVN source compile – it’ll be a fair bit faster on my old athlon than it was when I tried it on a Celery1200, I’d think. Plus, I could try distCC on the new box – that should be wicked fast.

New mythbox is a bit noisy though. Think it might be the location of the drives. Its got two “silent” drive bays at the back, with rubber grommets etc, and two exposed bays at the front which don’t have anything. They seem noisy, and they heat up the PSU (I think) which makes it spin its fan like crazy. I need to move them temporarily and see what difference it makes.

Stuff to do, stuff to do. Plus I’ve recently acquired the old Xbox games Rainbow6: Black Watch, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and Halo – which cost a total of about £20. I already own the PC version of Splinter Cell, but having tried Chaos Theory on both now, I think I prefer the console version – it’s not as pretty but I like the control scheme. I think I’d like it less if I was a more trigger-happy SCer, but I prefer stealthy so I can take a little longer lining up the shot with impugnity.