Read the fine print, Luke

Or rather, read the model number of the motherboard you’re ordering carefully – and make sure you click on the right “buy” button.

So I got an Asus P5WD2-E Premium, when I really wanted an Asus P5WDH Deluxe. Idiot. Which means, not only do I have to pay £9 to send the incorrect board back, but I have to pay delivery charges on the replacement (order value <250). And, the DH Deluxe is £20 more expensive!


Just call me Lance

…or something. I’m quite inordinately proud that I made it to work this morning. On the bike. Despite my despicably bad sense of direction sending me down numerous wrong turnings. And stuff.

According to the bike computer, it took me about 55 minutes to travel 10 miles. Or rather, 49 minutes to travel 10 miles, with five or six minutes spent thinking about which way to go and working out where I was 😉

Still feeling good right now – but I’ve a horrible feeling I’ll be walking like an old man this afternoon…

Back from home!

So I’m back, after a great week at home with my folks – relaxing in the sun, drinking, eating, catching up with friends, being insulted by family members. Top stuff. Unfortunately no lottery winners in the family either, so I’m back at work today (boo-hiss).

I’m also +1 bike! Whilst I didn’t manage to ride to work today (a broken spoke, probably caused by the weight of lardy me+full panniers+rucksack, which hopefully will have been repaired by now by the Cycle Surgery in Selfridges), hopefully tomorrow will be my first day. So long, travelcard!

On the way home today I’ll dive into Evans at Victoria and pick up a helmet (and possibly a shirt, if it’s cheap in the sale), then I should be done. I grabbed a Cateye Mity8 computer on the way home from King’s Cross and my ever-generous father donated water bottles, gloves, padded bike shorts from parrot and panniers. Oh yeah – and the bike. Thanks, Dad!

I will also be making one further purchase. After researching what the best turbo trainer would be for my needs, a new Tacx turbo trainer is also on it’s way, so that I can keep riding whatever the weather. Just to let the orgy of new toys be never-ending, I also ordered all the bits for a new PC. Well, I’m upgrading my folks to a new(er) machine before their broadband is installed, so…

Yeah, I know. Crap excuse. Whatever.


A little disappointed with Amazon. Having seen Instituto at the TrocaBrahma event last Sunday (more info in this entry) I ordered a copy of their album, National Collective, as I thought it’d be a good listen. Unfortunately, Amazon sent me a Seu Jorge album instead! So sort of close then…but not right.

The other item in that order was a book by Lincoln Cushing called “Revolucion: Cuban Poster Art“. I’m working on some posters/flyers/invitations for an office party, and wanted some inspiration. I found plenty in here, and was pleased to have the work I did based on things in the book approved immediately. I now have an additional four items to work on, all with the same theme, which should provide a great opportunity for some creative design work, and a welcome break from the layout of board indexes!

I’m visiting the folks this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get to hook up with (sorry marc) the lads for a beer or two. So no update this week.