Visited countries

World66 “the travel guide you write” has got this great map generation tool that creates a world map of the countries you’ve visited. Click on World66’s Visited Countries link, to see where you’ve been (and where you’ve still got left to go!).

My map of countries visited shows I’ve been to 30 countries or 13% of the world, and still have 87% to go…. best get saving!

create your own visited country map, or create a travel guide for any destination!

A very merry St George’s Day to you!

It’s that day of the year when people all over the world wildly celebrate the festivities associated with the patron saint of England, St George, alongside the English. Errrmmm… or is it that date that we never quite remember?

There’s a website here that promotes St George’s Day. You can vote whether St George’s Day should be a national holiday: choose from Yes, No, or (to accommodate my parents) “maybe – I can’t seem to make my mind up”!

Over 700,000 have voted to date, the overwhelming majority of whom do vote for a day off. Rather worryingly, around 40,000 have voted “no” or “maybe”. I can only assume those voters aren’t based in the UK? Which fool wouldn’t vote for a day off?

Pizza Party

I’m just doing some research for Keith on Italy: Rome, vespas, trattorias, pope-idol, spaghetti, pizzeria – that kind of thing – only to stumble across this tale about a Pizza Party in the Park. Ok, so this doesn’t qualify as a “rant” (and it’s not very Italian either) but finding a website on pizza-eating squirrels is most amusing, no?


Hmmm. Think I’ll wait until *after* the upcoming meeting to finish fiddling with the mythbox. I did get it more-or-less up and running, but ran into problems again with XvMC. Enabling XvMC would crash not just mythfrontend, but X as well. I tried using an older, recommended Nvidia driver (7676) and that didn’t seem to help either. In fact, I wound up with an unworkable X which only came back to life once I reinstalled the newer drivers.

Fesk. So, I didn’t actually get around to recompiling the kernel – there didn’t seem to be much point. I think I might try Knoppmyth, or one of the other pre-built myth versions just to see if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel which *isn’t* a train.

In any case, all that will have to wait for a month or so now. Work’ll be a 13/7 occupation from now on…