Had a fantastic time in Ireland – a beautiful country in the sunshine. I won’t say more – expect Lou to provide in depth coverage at some point in (I’ll guess at) the next week, and me to shamelessly provide a single entry with links to all of her hard work.

Back to work with a vengence – offsite Tues/Weds/Thurs, print projects, you name it. PANIC!


Off to Ireland this weekend – starting in Dublin, then to county Offaly, to Kinnity Castle for a wedding. Then…well, it all gets a bit vague.

I really fancy visiting a few distilleries – Midleton has potential, but sadly I don’t think we’ll make it to Bushmills, more’s the pity – Bushmills malt is lovely stuff.

Lou really wants to do some activities – paragliding, rock-climbing, hot-air-ballooning. Stuff like that. I’m not sure why…

Perhaps we can do both – if we go to the distillery first, I can bring a bottle…

Photoshop file permissions

After a recent upgrade to Windows XP at work, I ran in to a problem opening photoshop, where I would get the very helpful error message:

Could not initialize Photoshop because the file is locked. User ‘Properties’ command in the Windows explorer to unlock the file

It turned out that I didn’t have access permissions on the root folder of my second hard drive. Naturally, I’d set Photoshop to use the d:\ drive as its primary scratch disk to increase speed. Thankfully, I was able to change the permissions…whether they’ll be reset by group policy is another thing, however.

It’s a bit daft that Photoshop doesn’t let you specify a folder for the scratch files – that would get around this problem straight away, and that of Limited Users on XP, who aren’t allowed to create files in the root directory either.

New music – Ojos de Brujo

Listening to the album Bari by Ojos de Brujo – well worth a listen. It’s sort of new flamenco crossed with latin rap. Very cool, and working better than The Hacker was earlier, although Reves Mechaniques is a very good album.