The update system’s fixed. How come? Because I have some development to do for work and had to recreate the local mirror of

Good news: I haven’t forgotten everything. Not quite, anyhow. So, on with the show, and hopefully quite a few updates – I know that Lou’s written a few things which she couldn’t post and thankfully saved elsewhere.

Oh yeah – that list of “things to do” – mostly not done, I’m afraid. But soon…

Things to add, revised: Naples pictures, Search Police, christmas in Vail, swearing at comedians, how to author a DVD, what to do with 160Gb of data, snowboarding in Andorra, finding your way around Stamford, CT, the Sony PSP, Washington DC, copywrong.

Snow good

Just followed this sponsored link from gmail – it tells you which snowboarding resorts (not ski resorts) are still open in North America.

It’s the middle of May and a couple of resorts in Colorado have still got snow and are open!…. Boo hooo… I want to be there. NOW.