The problem with press conferences…

If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know all about the torture and mayhem occurring in Iraq. Yes, that’s right. To the surprise of at least someone (apparently), British and American squaddies have been torturing their prisoners. Well der. Its not like they’re nobel peace laureats or anything. I mean – what’s the squaddie reputation if not picking on people who can’t fight back?

But…the funniest thing…was Mr Bush and his incredibly PR-driven press conference. My favourite moment?

We don’t treat people like that in America

Well now. You can say what you like about the Bush administration – but you have to admit, he’s telling the truth here. They don’t do that in America. No, no, no.

No – they take people to Cuba to abuse, torture and demean them.

Monkey, part 7004

Another monkey pic, this time courtesy of Lisa and her recent ‘dam holiday.


Apparently, the text translates roughly to…er, I can’t remember.

Frontpage gallery

There’s full gallery of the large images used on the front page (click image to view), with some information about what, where and sometimes when. Careful – its a large page.

Poor Lycos

It looks like Lycos have some problems. During some random surfing I found myself at the Lycos homepage for the first time in…er…well a few years I think. I got the impression that not everything is running smoothly in Lycos-land.

The first clue was their recommended search – it might be a bit pedantic, but…lets just say I enjoyed Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

lykos: sugested serches listed hear

From here I couldn’t help noticing the “Top 50 Bushes” and the link to the Lycos top 50. “Interesting,” I thought (I didn’t get a screenshot of this bit – the “top link” changes on each refresh).

lycos top searches...

I followed the link to the top 50 page – a predictable selection for the most part – and thought I’d follow a couple.

top5 of the lycos top 50

There was a problem. So I tried the most popular search on Lycos, and got to a results page like this one for “Paris Hilton”, “Britney Spears”, “Atkins Diet” and even “Lycos”. Oops

''''search'''' ''results''

Ah well. I suppose they did say the most popular searches – they never mentioned how popular the results were…

New pictures, part 2

There are actually even more new pictures on theanorak. Gone is the pointless frontpage flash (never did get around to finishing it). In its place, 25 photographs, randomly selected. Hit refresh to try your luck.