Exploding christmas pud causes acrimonious divorce

I went to the dr’s surgery the other day to get jabs for India (K’s folks will be pleased!…). Whilst sitting in the waiting room with another man and woman, I overheard this conversation. Well, it amused me anyway:

Bloke: Ethel had a christmas pudding from the supermarket one year – it said you could heat it up in one of those… microwaves?
Very sick-looking woman: Yeah that’s right
Bloke: Well, it said to heat it up for 3 minutes. She thought three minutes? It’ll never be hot in 3 minutes – it must mean 30. So she heated it for 30 minutes and it exploded everywhere! They got divorced after that.
Very sick-looking woman: What – they got divorced ’cause she exploded the christmas pudding?
Bloke: No, I think there were a few other things as well.


Its Christmas party season. So I feel ill. Really ill. Mummy, help me.

Note to self: don’t mix beer, champagne, white wine, red wine, bourbon, scotch and gin ever again.


Bah, humbug

…as Lisa would say. Whilst getting ratted at the Christmas party is usual, perhaps essential, its also a legal minefield. Apparently. Talk about taking the fun out of it!