3 drives, a wedding and a kayleigh

After haring around the UK since last night (from Biggleswade back to London, on to K’s parents near Newcastle and finally up to Dalkeith near Edinburgh this morning) it was Janice and Paul’s wedding this afternoon.

It was held at Dalhousie Castle, Bonnyrigg, which dates from the 13th century and is set in spectacular grounds. As the day was extremely mild for October, it wasn’t just the bride and groom who made the most of the photo opportunities:

Me and Keefus O'Shady in the grounds of Dalhooooosie Castle

The day went according to Scottish tradition, led by a Piper who seemed to be as renowned for his humour as much as the part he played in the event. Much food, drink, fun and merriment was had by all – not least due to the kayleigh antics in the evening.

Flushing Nemo

Not a day goes by without strange and silly news. This entry comes thanks to Grace

PARENTS of young fans of the new Disney film Finding Nemo which opens in Watford today (Friday) have been warned not to buy clown fish as pets.

In response to increased demand for the exotic fish in the US following the release of the film, the RSPCA has urged UK fans not to follow suit. In particular, the organisation wants young people to realise that tropical fish should not be “freed” by flushing them down the toilet.

From The Watford Observer, of all places.

You’re not local are you?

Arriving at Biggleswade train station on Weds evening felt like Benjamin arriving at Spent/Royston Vasey. All other train passengers had got off along the route at civilised places like Stevenage. There were gradually fewer and fewer people …or lights… or anything at all.

I was on my way to a residential course at Old Warden Park, near Shuttleworth which is near Biggleswade, near Bedford… The onward leg of the journey from Biggleswade is inaccessible by bus and was all a bit eerie. Had to wait for a cab from the local taxi firm – was most surprised it wasn’t Bab’s Cabs

Maybe next time

Sound unlikely?

Heard about the new UK credit card &more? In a previous life it was the storecard of Marks & Spencer, a UK department store chain. M&S recently informed all storecard holders that their storecard account would automatically become a bona fide credit card account, and sent a replacement card featuring the new brand.

“Hold on,” cried the UK’s Office of Fair Trading, “you can’t do that!” The OFT have insisted that customers must opt-in to the scheme, so existing memberships are automatically invalid and must be cancelled. Oops – heads must roll, surely.

Apparently not. As reported in the Times today:

M&S stands by executive in botched credit card launch – Marks & Spencer has insisted that the executive in charge of its botched credit card launch, Laurel Powers-Freeling, would not lose her job after the Office of Fair Trading accused the retailer of inertia selling. M&S was forced yesterday to alter plans to automatically replace millions of store cards with its “&more” credit and loyalty card after the OFT accused the group of acting unlawfully.
The Times 9/10/2003 p 27 – Jon Ashworth, Joe Morgan

Am I the only one thinking “yeah, right”? I predict, at best, a reinforced glass ceiling. More likely is a “politician’s resignation” in a couple of months, or perhaps “strategic changes” at senior level.