This picture came round via email at work from Jorge. Its in Portugal, in the Algarve, and I think its brilliant. I haven’t asked him how many shots it took to get it right, but hey – that’s what digicams are for, isn’t it?

Jorge in the Algarve

Great isn’t it?


3 Replies to “Basketball?”

  1. He says it came from his Digi but hey he could have trawled websites until he found a picture taken in the Algarve, I’ll be sending you a picture of me having fun wit a supermodel and it will be me honest….

  2. Miserable bugger.

    Although probably not, if the supermodel photo is also real…

  3. Ken,at my home country we say:

    The voice of a donkey will not reach Heaven…
    You just say that , because with your “top noch” 50000000000000 pixels digi cam, you never done anythink as great as this…

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