Hurrah for Ben

…who’s finally got round to emailing the western world to let it know he’s still alive. Apparently he hasn’t been kidnapped, eaten by dragons or involved in a secret plot to destroy Tony Blair. Good. And it looks like he might grace these shores again in the not-too-distant future too, so I might actually get to see him!

Which would be nice. Other Friday top news: this is very funny. It also involves poo, so don’t click if you’re a wuss.


We survived. The portents varied throughout the day – Saturday started well, with some high-quality lazing around and the discovery of cheaper fares tickets than we’d expected to Leamington. Then it went downhill, as we missed the train by about 30 seconds (it pulled away as we we approached the ticket barrier thingy), which didn’t seem to impress Lou much (note the extreme levels of understatement in this sentence).

We took the opportunity for a bracer [side note – I had to create that definition!] and grabbed some food from the cheese shop. A medium-sized train journey later we were in Leamington Spa, and precisely 3 minutes later in a pub (maybe Lou can remember the name, but I can’t – the something and something, I think). Eventually we left the pub and went to another one, called Moo and described as a 70s theme bar. Nuff said, really, although there was comedy in the number of A-level students celebrating/commiserating their results with washing-up bowls full of lurid cocktails…

We also managed to visit the local museum, which had an exhibition of automata on display – its amazing that such complex animation can be constructed using cams and gears…