Microsoft Polyfilla

For some reason a shortlink from here to Plascon’s website is the #5 hit on MSN for Polyfilla. Lets make it worse – here’s Polycell’s product page – crack-filling goodness.


Todays comedy news comes courtesy of the BBC – the Nonsense League Table. To quote from the article:

Who speaks the most gibberish, the worst jargon, the most twisted English and the biggest pile of gobbledegook? For the first time the worst offenders over the past 20 years have their own league table. And guess who’s top?

You might also want to take a look at the Plain English Campaign.

My personal favourite short gibberisms:

  • Proactive (adj) – possibly the most overused word in business communication. Usually a good sign of management bull.
  • Progress (verb) – “We will progress your application”. Grrrr – there are plenty of acceptable verbs you could use: advance, process, continue. Why “progress”. See also “action”.
  • Outside the box (adj) – Argh! Who said I was in a box?

There’s loads of these irritating non-words & phrases – add your favourites to the comments!

Tragedy (for you?)

No, not the old song by industrial grandfathers Front242 song. The tragedy is that this poem isn’t complete, and the original has been lost. Also worth checking out at is the Darwinian poetry experiment. I’ve not been able to play with it yet (its been slashdotted), but looks really interesting – I might need to try recreating it myself, just for the hell of it!

Time to go home

Asking if she could extend her stay in London was a good indicator that Spannah ;O) had enjoyed her holiday. I was informed that she can’t return to Auntie Lou’s next week due to a week of booked swimming lessons, but “will be back the week after next”.

It took most of the morning to pack all the new goodies – not to mention all the new toys from Hamleys… Croc didn’t get packed though (he might bite the clothes):

H and Croc

Returning up north on a GNER train departing from London Kings Cross. Until next time!

leaving from London Kings Cross on a GNER train