T310 review part1

Well, my little blag worked – although I’m not completely convinced that the phone bloke’s spiel was very genuine – but cheers Godfrey!

First impressions: its bigger than I thought! If you read the specsheet, its not too dissimilar to those of the N620, my previous phone (see the last entry for links – I’m short of time today!). It is slightly shorter than the 620, especially when you consider the Samsung’s external aerial, but it feels wider than the 4mm difference (or so) the specs state. Why? Because the N620 is a very tapered design so the widest part is about 3/4 of the way up the phone, curving inward above and below. The T310 is quite rectangular, so feels much wider in the hand.

The same tapering effect also makes the 620 feel less deep – even though the T310 is actually smaller in this dimension. A good indicator of the difference the shape makes: the N620 would fit into the key/change pocket of every pair of trousers I have that sports one – the T310 I suspect will not (it doesn’t fit into the cords I’m wearing today). Its not all bad though – the phone feels more comfortable in use, and less like holding a pencil to your ear or some such.

The menu system seems fairly straightforward – although quirks will only make themselves evident as I use the phone – it took some time before I noticed the 620’s awkward text-message handling.

Ringtones are suitably entertaining, and the comical Sony feature I remember from the CMD-Z5/7 has returned – you can record sounds and use them inplace of standard tunes. Hmmm. The addressbook is also similar to the older Sony phone – each entry can have 3 numbers assigned (with one as default), email addresses, pictures, personal ringtones, and entries can be classified into groups.

More soon…

Mobile phones and…

…the importance of careful proofreading. Got a call this morning from the helpful chaps at the Carphone Warehouse, the people who provided my current phone. Apparently I’ve had it (supposedly – its been insurance replaced 3 times cos I’m a dozy clot) for over 12 months and am therefore eligible for an upgrade. Cool.

The helpful bloke gave me a short list of phones to choose from which…now that I look at it arent _that_ great. Best of the bunch is either the Nokia 8310, which is a nice phone, but getting a bit long in the tooth, or last year’s “sensation” the SonyEricsson T68i. You know, the colour one with the camera attachment. Yeah, the blue/white one.

As they’re all a bit aged, I thought I’d look on the Carphone Warehouse website to see if there might be something else I could ask for – and I think I might see if I can get a SonyEricsson T310 for free (or a token amount).

Blah blah – so what’s with the proofreading bit in the title? Well, I was nosing about CW’s site and decided to look in the clearance corner section. If you look just past halfway down, you’ll see the Nokia “snake joystick”. What a bargain! Just in case they spotted it anytime soon, I took a quick screenshot – so if you don’t get what I’m on about, this is what I saw:

Snake joystick: reduced from £3.99 to...er...£4.99???

Photographs like photographs

Its amazing what turns up when you least expect it. Whilst looking around on the web for some pixel fonts I came across Jason Kottke’s site. Here I found a lovely pixel font, available for free (thanks Jason) and a variety of interesting writings, pictures, design thingies and links.

I was having a flick through some photographs of Paris when I came across this picture. It reminded me of this picture (which you might also have seen on the front page), taken in Slovenia earlier this year.

There’s just something fun about taking pictures in wobbly mirrors.

Progress is slow

and that’s the truth. This weekend we worked on both lardbutty and neurophoria.com (try here if neurophoria.com is junk page). Lou put in a stonking effort for the lardbutty database, and I completely failed to design, build or test it. Fesk.

Tasks for this week (boring techy list alert):
1. Add new drive to PC (120Gb!!) and move OS/apps etc around
2. Take old OS drive and use it to rebuild Lou’s machine
3. Learn enough goddam MySQL to be able to build the tables
4. Design the damn site
5. That’ll do for now