Cov Curry

Never mind the mwah’s of ROYAL Leamington Spa (which, as K pointed out, had rather fewer biddies littering up the pavements than Harrogate) the highlight of the weekend had to be what the West Midlands are famed for… curry! Had the best ever veggie dansak at the Royal Bengal, a packed local curry house in Earlsdon – so popular we had to book a table in advance!

It’s enough to make you want to hurry back to the Coventry district… well, almost!


We’re going tomorrow, I believe. Leamington Spa. Or, as the website would have it, Royal Leaminton Spa. I can already hear the ‘mwah’. And don’t you love the tagline – “Royal Leamington Spa – the fashionable experience”. What?

Also encouraging is the what’s on section, which starts well with news of a recent peace festival which apparently attracted 10,000 people. Slightly less encouraging are the remaining items on the list, which include “Leamington salaries in top 10”, “Where can I find a parking space?”, “Car park availability” (hmm) “Mixed priority plan set for discussion” (more car parking) and the resumption of free town guides at 7.30pm. Not an encouraging sign in my book, when over 40% of the funky entertainment options revolve around parking spaces.

Taking soundings from work provoked such comments as “like Bath”, and my personal favourite “where middle class Solihull people go on Sundays/shopping”. So we shall see. In its defence, Harrogate is similarly “mwah” and full of tedious biddies ambling between the Volvo and Betty’s tea room but its got some decent enough boozing venues. I’ve always had enough blank spaces in my short-term memory to conclude I had a good time, anyway.

Full report to follow, if I’m not lynched by a gang of 2.4s or ran over by a range rover.

I should have said…

…eventually, I’ll be fixing…etc. etc. Instead, I went out and got very drunk. And got a taxi home. Silly boy, aren’t I?

Slap me

On the plus side, I both know why the database went fubar and what to do in future to avoid it. Any Database Power support staff sniggering at me here can bugger off! I’ve got some code rewrites to do, but that’s

  1. not something I didn’t already know
  2. not a big surprise considering the db code was written for one tiny project and…reused
  3. not going to be fixed anytime in the next couple of weeks

Why won’t it be fixed? Cos I’m working on lardbutty and, both of which need to go live before I rewrite theanorak. So there.

However, I will fix the stupid layout bug on the front page that breaks the layout in different ways depending on your browser. Blasted thing. And I’m dumping the Flash photograph – its been there for ages and I still haven’t included the interactivity the photograph was going to sit behind, so…t’hell with it. It can come back as part of the code fixes. Now to work.


Seen the email going around lately about Powergen?

This energy services firm, currently owned by the German firm E.ON AG, has registered a URL for an Italian site….PowergenItalia

snigger snigger!