Wish I’d spotted this earlier…

Major linkage in this article, which currently causes havoc with the front page fragments – hence this intro text. Ok, in work early this morning and quickly checking emails & websites before starting and came across a few things linked from B3ta which made me snigger. Top of today’s hit parade was topical for the weekend in the UK (and the US, entertainingly) – wankholidaymonday.co.uk, a highly developed and beautifully mature piece of social satire. Or knob gags. Or bugger all actually, except an exhortation to keep your hands off the wire and send a donation to the RNIB. Brilliant. So much so, I’m going to include the little animated image here:

Sorry for linking directly to the images – can’t currently copy them here due to connection probs

1 thought on “Wish I’d spotted this earlier…”

  1. Why do you wish u’d spotted it earlier? it’s not until 9th June… u’ve got plenty of preparation time!

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