Return of the Briggs

Hot on the heels of the wedding update is the return of the Briggs. Highlights from their side include:

– The hotel toilet (throne)
– Dancing to War Pigs
– Not writing a speech
– “Be my baby”

and if I can quote (regarding a beer after work):

Aye - I have the green light from the missus.

(actually I just wanted to write the 'missus')

Couldn’t happen to a nicer couple.

Wedding report

Better late than never…the wedding report.

Mike’s wedding was pretty cool – nice day in the park for a wedding, and there was a comedy wax statue of a bloke with enormous bolix which all the kids kept picking bits off…ick. Then over to S bar in Battersea ish for booze booze and unforgettably, Mike et al slam dancing to a live guitar & vocal version of Motorhead’s Motorhead, plus War Pigs by Black Sabbath and others…Lou & I snagged a taxi back with some people heading for Clapham, so it was pretty cool. Hopefully I should be arranging a photogallery and comments system a la Tallinn.

Comedy moments:
– Mike wobbling his way through the service
– Mike trying not to blub for the duration
– Disco fever at the S bar – no hold barred!
– Children hanging off a wax penis
– The confetti “”””””bomb””””””
– The return of silly string
– Rock God! Rock God! Rock God!
– Top tunes

Tallinn – rough one – about time!!

Ok…I know we said the tallinn photos would be ready ages ago. We lied. Sorry.

They’re available now – the full fancy-schmancy stuff isn’t ready yet, but the basics are there – you can even leave your comments if you want to.

Enjoy -> here