Miss Creosote

Feeling fit to bursting after indulging on the excellent force-down-as-much-as-you-can Italian buffet at iT‘s this lunchtime. And that’s after yesterday’s all-afternoon-dining-experience at the fantastic Chez Gerard, not to mention Friday’s buffet lunch at the unique Kerala and Friday evening at the mediocre Lee Ho Fook.



…is on its way. If you came in via the front door, you would have seen one iteration of the new logo – there are others in the pipeline. We also managed some new front pages for broadband connections (large graphics), and started work on some animated menus and splash screens. About time too!

Bag o’ Shite!

The fact that Little Havana off Leicester Square has closed comes as no surprise – it was after all, a right bag. Only, it’s reopened as Red Cube, and it’s still a right bag. Won’t slate them too much though as we did get 4 complimentary drinks after a 25 minute wait at the 30cm long bar – quality Cadillac margaritas too. Ended up eating at Lee Ho Fook on Gerrard Street – my first meal in China Town for years, so was a bit of a novelty. Good night had by all (well, me and Keith anyway). Ho Fook.

That Lou…

Ooooooh, that Lou. She never checks the entries, does she Reenie? She never does. Oooooh, that Lou. Babbling on, writing the same thing over and over again. Daft bugger.

It’s the end of the week as we know it…

…and I feel fine – despite the pandemonium and Ryanair-mania that must’ve caused office mayhem everywhere this week. For those who missed it, Ryanair offered 1 million FREE FLIGHTS to destinations all over Europe, with only airport tax to pay! Having booked Ryanair flights only last week, for a break to Rome at the end of October (at an extravagant price of £60 each return) this initially caused great anxiety. Happily, these Rome flights were excluded from the offer. Actually, I just wanted to brag that we’re going to Rome.

Have I mentioned that we’re going to Italy next month?

Did I tell you that we’re going to Paris Christmas shopping in December? Ok, I’ll shut up now, but it is Friday so I reserve the right to be giddy! Going to Red Cube tonight – new club opened on Leicester Square – to bag up on free cocktails (what a pikey, taking advantage of free alcohol!). If you register at www.latenightlondon.co.uk you’ll be kept informed of, well, late night London events really, and any offers on at new venues.