Weekend before last was the Briggs stag weekend in Brighton – a beautiful day to get out of your mind! Needless to say it was excessive, and arriving home at 8am still damp from trying to walk into the sea was a whole new experience. Not to be repeated. No. Never.

The wedding is the weekend after next – should be a good’un, though some embarrassment may called for. Ah well, just gotta take those knocks…

Also, plans are afoot for the present…


This afternoon’s excitement comprised a power failure at work – cue all machines/printers etc going down.

Amusingly, some didn’t come back up. Poor Lesley, she only got her new & working computer this morning…


Calling all jobbernowls

Beefy Keefy, who isn’t a jobbernowl, suffers from akathisia. If he were to prepare some greasey-spoon-styley vivers, this would constitute a (very poor!) herman.
check out for a quality ‘Word of the Day’

Dialects of vivers

The teach-yourself-Arabic is coming along nicely:

“Ahalan, kaifa halok? Shish taouk shawarma min fadilak …shokran! Ma’a ElSalama!”

Happened to stumble across 2x sites of mild interest: At the 1st one, you (are meant to be able to) order kebabs online: and the second panders to the needs of displaced northerners: Yep, it’s an exhaustive study and rating of chippies in London Village that do chipsngravy!!

Some people take food far too seriously…