Sweat, sweat pt 2

Also – The tube. Airconditioning.

There SHOULD be a link. There


be a connection. But there isn’t. Drip, drip.

Parents – who’d have ’em

Also experienced comedy parent action this weekend. My mam (I’m a Geordie – get over it) + sisters visited London this weekend…take in a show (Mamma Mia – highly rated by her), shop, wander around Leicester Square and drink foolish amounts of coffee, that sort of thing. They were staying with my cousin Dione in Islington.

Could she be bothered to see me? Nope! After all the flak I took for not going home for 6 months!


Hmmm…I think this may be used to great effect in the not too distant future!

Sweaty weekend

No, not pervy. Just very hot.

Lou got caught by sale fever and spent an inordinate amount of cash in Next…I was forced to console myself with consumer electronics…its a hard, hard life. Then beer, beer, beer and Lou ‘doing a Briggs’ and half-inching the nice Kronenbourg pint pots from our local. Naughty girl.

Celebrated the sub-tropical conditions by barbecuing hugely (v helpful re: sweating…not), drinking vodka&ruby orange juice (nice!) and being unpleasantly awake half the night. Still, did give me a chance to crack on with MechWarrior 4 – sad speck that I am.

My girlfriend’s great…

…even if she is a bit of a cheeky moo. Although we never seem to get anything finished, there’s more stuff on its way, mostly courtesy of Lou. She’s working on a database of restaurant reviews which we’re going to slap up at some point in the not too distant future. Well, there’s no point in getting all fat if you don’t visit the odd restaurant here and there.

We’re not being picky either – as far as I can tell, the reviews include everything from uberposh ‘mwah!’ restaurants to kebab shops Lou likes…

Also – a news update of sorts, in that the computer room, I mean spare room of the new gaff is now more-or-less complete. All I need to do is sort out some shelving and we’re away. We took advantage of a visit from Lou’s folks to blag their car and buy various bits of tubing and old worktop from a local Homebase, then spent the following weekend sawing and sweating (oo-er) until we now have an abundance of workspace which hopefully won’t collapse.

Unfortunately, we are now very much aware how uncomfortable it is to sit on our kitchen chairs for any length of time whilst typing. Any free office chairs, or suggestions as to where to buy cheap ones would be great.

My boyfriend’s great…

Sat 20th July 2002

My boyfriend’s got a new trick.
It’s a habit he’ll have to kick.
He can’t stop being sick.
I suspect he’s bulimic…
His lifestyle’s quite hectic
So drinkin’ makes him ‘hic!’
He can’t stop being sick.
I’m worried he’s bulimic…

As this is the bulimic one’s web-site I strongly suspect any messages referring to sambuka and cadillac-margarita indulgent evenings are going to be deleted. chortle, chortle!