Holiday Eve…

Twas the night before holiday
And all thru the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse (poo)
well…apart from Lou & me, wandering about trying to pack all our stuff for Stockholm and Tallinn. After a complete psycho day at work packing is not the world’s most fun activity, but – its for a good cause.

Watch this space for the photographs, plus the one and only Lou-tastic guides to Sweden & Estonia. As they (apparently) say in Estonia, Tonan!

La vie devant soi…

or the report from Paris. Spent 6 days in Paris, working on presentations and the like – was pretty stressful, but worked out ok. Incidentally, apparently Partners’ Meeting must be capital P capital M, with the apostrophe in the right place. I never was much good at syntax – that’s why this sites taken so long (arf).

Discovered why this log system wouldn’t display the latest entries; having added the user control mechanism to all pages, and the facility to display the right user details etc, I completely failed to add it to the ‘new entry’ form. So, all the new entries which went missing had no user attributed – hence the system ignored them [doh!].

Hopefully that should be fixed now. Anyhoo, here goes.

Oops – she’s found out I’m a nutter!

what’s all this drivel, u nutter??!!!!…..

Oops! Ah well, once I get round to fixing this, imagine what she’ll say! We have now:

  • Moved to tooting
  • Failed to get furniture
  • Failed to have a computer desk (crate-o-rama)
  • Had Pipex ADSL installed, with Dabs AMXetc router
  • Fixed the teething troubles
  • Not fixed this weblog…yet
  • Got a cold. Arse

Will be going to Paris on Saturday to do presentation support for our partner’s meeting – the joy, the excitement…