Multiboot installs pt 2984875

Grrr…It was all working nicely…for a week…now Win98 has given up on me, and generates more errors than you can shake a stick at.

BLast it. I’ve given up – I’m just going to wipe it and install everything in 2000. THat’ll teach it.

…on why I hate multiboot installs….

But first the good news; the database connection woes I was compaining about previously have been solved, and the app is now completed and sitting pretty in several system trays. I’m about to add new fields and possibly even new functionality (in the form of a to do list), to make it suitable for another team.


Why? Easy – they are an absolute pig to run. I’ve now lost count of the number of times I’ve reinstalled win98, win2000 and mandrake8 – fortunately I’ve given up on beos for now, but – not fun. Disappearing bootsectors, you name it – I’ve still not managed to get mandrake to boot from the nt bootloader – its a crappy bootdisc for me…


All this of course means delays on this becoming more than just a pile of drivel…

Bloody VB programming

…and other curses. I’m fighting with a db-aware VB program which is doing my head in. I wish I could remember the db-cnxn syntax for VB as clearly as I can for ASP.

Anyway. Upgrades at home are proceding apace – so with a bit of luck I might be able to start working on the site in the sty. With a bit of luck I’ll be able to really crack on and get some work done…you never know!

Meantimes…although you can’t see it, my local version of the backend has been upgraded again – it now features usernames etc, and the db/code has facilities for bios, userlevels, pictures and further infotype stuff. K

Work patterns!

Hmmm…didn’t achieve QUITE as much over the last couple of days as I thought I might. Still…more good news regarding contributors to the site – Ben’s had some ideas for content.