So long, Veer … for good.

Once upon a time I was a happy Veer user, delighting in their quirky approach, their random giveaways, their husky Austrian customer support folks. Then it changed, and I was sad. So long, Veer 🙁 And now, in 2016, another change. Veer is gone. No more. Kaput. Surplus to requirements following the Getty/Corbis thing. Once… Continue reading So long, Veer … for good.

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Outlook 2011 fix autodiscover

…or rather disable autodiscover. At my place of work, we have various options for remote access. If you have a corporate laptop, you can connect via VPN and have full access to all internal systems. Or, if you just need to check mail, you can fire up Outlook and it will connect with or without the… Continue reading Outlook 2011 fix autodiscover

So long, Veer :(

For a long time, I’ve enjoyed finding imagery via Well, ok, perhaps “enjoyed” isn’t quite the right word. Anyone who has spent an afternoon viewing 6,000-7,000 photographs of too young, too pretty and entirely too sharply or provocatively dressed men and women will know “enjoyment” isn’t what you feel. When you’re looking for images… Continue reading So long, Veer 🙁